Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Welcome to Ideagen’s Healthcare Solutions Hub.

Here you will find everything you need to know about digitization of patient records and medical records, hospital records management, infection control, order communications, digital records management and emergency department (A&E) management.

Achieving a paperless NHS by 2018

It has now been 2 years since the challenge for the NHS to go paperless by 2018 and potentially save £4.4 billion a year was set.

Read more about this challenge and Ideagen commitment to helping trusts on their road to becoming paperless on our dedicated Paperless NHS page >>

Electronic medical records for Healthcare professionals – Overview

Ideagen is a UK’s leading solution provider of electronic medical records to the NHS market. With UK based development of innovative and affordable information management solutions, Ideagen continues to deliver real process enhancements to NHS clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Ideagen specialises in the specification, delivery and support of patient records management solutions. Ideagen’s industry-leading solution, dart E-casenote, is used to scan and digitise all acute and mental health records and create a platform for an electronic medical record with the primary aim for a clear, intuitive access to complex clinical information via a web based solution.

Additionally, clinicians can use eforms to capture information electronically, which can eventually replace all the paper forms used within a hospital environment whilst also viewing integrated GP data.

With an award winning order communication system being used in one of the UK’s largest deployments covering 5 acute hospitals and 150 GPs for both Pathology and Radiology, Ideagen can help any trust lead the way and deliver significant process and operational efficiencies.

With our 100% commitment to customers, partners and employees we have always gone that little bit further to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Find out how Ideagen can help your trust on the way to digitisation of medical records. Call us today or request a demo to find out more.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare solutions include:

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