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Internal Audit and Risk Management Software

Pentana is a fully comprehensive and integrated audit management solution brought to you by Ideagen plc.    

Trusted and used by over 450 clients worldwide.

Pentana has strengthened Ideagen's offering of ‘Best of Breed’ GRC based information management software, to highly regulated industries.

Ideagen’s Pentana solution provides specialist software to internal auditors and risk managers, which automates and brings together all aspects of the audit cycle from annual planning, to detailed risk assessment and controls testing, through to action tracking and Audit Committee reporting.

We have designed Pentana to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible.  Our screens follow a clear and consistent structure so that once you know how one works, you will know how they all work.

Our philosophy is to build software that will adapt to your needs.  We believe the level of user customization we have made available, together with our consistent and intuitive screen layout, will greatly reduce your training and implementation effort.  For Enterprise level clients, we can also offer specific customization services to add custom fields, alter layouts, or even plug in additional business rules without changing any source code.

Pentana is designed for use over slower wide area connections. It is a Smart Client application that uses web services, but is not browser based. It can be easily deployed to end users from a web page through Microsoft’s ClickOnce application. It holds data on a SQL Server database.

Key Features     

  • Complete audit management from planning and execution through to reporting     
  • User definable terminology to match an organization’s methodology
  • Enterprise risk management capabilities    
  • Comprehensive control management functionality
  • User definable test plans
  • Central library for Risks, Controls and Tests
  • Two dimensional, graphical Audit Universe modelling with drill down capabilities
  • Informative planning and scheduling lifecycle
  • Audit Progress Management
  • Auto populating MS Word Audit Reports and Audit Committee level reporting
  • Action status tracking

Key Benefits

  • Integrated, ready to use risk and control frameworks
  • Greatly improve efficiency of preparing and issuing audit reports
  • Increased visibility of audit progress, risk levels and control coverage
  • Enable the implementation of a consistent auditing methodology
  • Vastly reduce administration overheads of audit managers
  • Easily report on historical audits to inform future work
  • Drive quality throughout the audit process and audit team
  • Reduce wastage and duplication of effort
  • Utilize the latest proven Microsoft technologies
  • Safeguard company assets through stronger corporate governance 

Client success stories provide a critical way for you to understand more about the capabilities of the Pentana software and why Ideagen's solutions are trusted by over 3000 international GRC clients.

Heineken:  Global Audit required a scalable tool to facilitate standardization

BBVA: Pentana preferred choice for usability, versatility and cost.

BDO: Risk Advisory Services selects Pentana: A risk driven audit tool, to enable improved quality assurance and accountability.

Van Lanschot: Centralized and secure audit files enable collaborative working across multiple sites.

AGC Europe: A European leader in flat glass increases audit assurance with Pentana.

Wylie Bisset: Coming soon!

Ideagen are pleased to provide an effective suite of tools that encompass operational management, risk management, compliance functions and internal audit, to enable organizations to achieve a ‘Three Lines of Defense’ model.



Realize why Ideagen’s tools are trusted by over 3000 global clients by getting in touch today! Email us at for more information.


View the Pentana brochure here >> 

Also available with Pentana are additional modules : 

Retain Resource Planner, Audit Resource Scheduling with a difference.

Pentana Analytics Module, Continuous monitoring solution.

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