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Audit & Risk Management

Business growth, globalisation and increasing corporate scrutiny place today’s audit, accounting and risk management professionals firmly in the spotlight.

As regulatory requirements and information volumes continue to grow, Audit, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Audit Management software professionals must increase their productivity and target their resources while delivering timely, relevant information and strategic assurance to management.

Recently acquired by Ideagen Plc, Pentana Inc., specialises in providing integrated and advanced software to support the professional expertise of auditors, accountants and risk managers that enables them to respond effectively within this fast moving environment.

Pentana originated in the UK in 1992 to provide software that would assist auditors in their professional work. Although started in the UK, Pentana’s outlook has always been global and the service provided has matched the increasing international profile of the audit and risk management professions. A US company, Pentana Inc., was incorporated in 1999 and an office opened in Australia in 2002, enabling Pentana to provide 24-hour global support from three locations.

Pentana has established a network of specialist, skilled partners around the globe, allowing the company to provide clients with local implementation, training and support. Pentana knows that audit management is not about a single activity, but is a constant challenge of improving and refining your business processes. Pentana's team of experienced audit and risk managers has designed Pentana Vision with state of the art functionality. Pentana's customers enjoy fast, friendly service and support at all times, as needed.

Watch our latest client success story and discover the benefits Pentana has delivered for BBVA >>

Pentana’s philosophy has remained constant throughout its existence. It combines audit, risk and IT expertise to provide systems that add value to the work of our clients. Pentana’s internal audit and risk management software enhances the work of clients by automating processes and spreading knowledge. It provides a framework within which management can carry out quality reviews and monitor performance no matter where the detailed work is being carried out.

By focusing only on their specialist area, Pentana has become expert in audit and risk technology. Pentana’s staff attend and frequently make presentations on the subject at conferences around the world. Pentana is acknowledged by the IIA as a partner and “Industry Leader”.

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