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Compliance Based Information Management


Internal Audit and Risk Management

Welcome to Ideagen's eGRC solutions hub. Here you'll find our industry-leading audit and risk management tool, Pentana (previously known as Pentana Vision). Discover the benefits of using Pentana here.

Acquired in November last year, Pentana is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ideagen Plc, providing integrated and advanced software to support the professional expertise of auditors and risk managers that enables them to respond effectively within this fast moving environment. (To read more about Pentana's acquisition by Ideagen, please follow this link >>)

eGRC Audit and Risk Management tool - Pentana

Discover why Pentana software solutions are trusted by over 450 international clients and have been for over 20 years.

Pentana enables your internal audit and risk management departments to increase efficiency and maximize the power of collaborative working and achieve essential time savings.

Pentana is developed using the latest Microsoft technologies to empower your internal audit department to save essential time, increase efficiency and maximise the power of collaborative working. It integrates all aspects of the audit cycle from annual planning to detailed risk assessment and controls testing, through to action tracking and Audit Committee reporting.

  • Implements a consistent methodology compliant with international risk and auditing standards;
  • Simplifies global deployment with installation from a website and automatic updates downloaded without user intervention;
  • Optimizes performance for use over a wide range of network speeds as well as working off-line to provide a true global working environment for GRC professionals.

Pentana can equally be used for Enterprise Risk ManagementSOX complianceinvestigationsHealth and Safety or any application where risk assessment and centralised action tracking are required.

Did you know?

You can now utilize a powerful mechanism to navigate through the system known as the ‘context information window’. You can hover over each item to display additional contextual information about it. All items are drill down, so that you can go straight to any record in the system, related to your own open items – Easy!

Pentana includes a feature to construct and complete logic-based audit questionnaires – Saves time, mitigates risk and allows consistency of response by only showing relevant questions. – Efficient!

Objectives, Risks, Controls and Tests (ORCTs) can now be optionally auto-populated into an Audit when it is set to ‘Open’. Pentana can be configured to Auto Populate ORCTs from Entities or Libraries based on the ‘Audit Type’ and ‘Audit Scope.’ – Effective!

Watch Pentana client success story and find out what benefits Pentana solution has delivered in Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA), a multinational Spanish banking group.

To find out more about Pentana audit and risk management solution, download our brochure or contact us for more information and to request a demo.

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